Masculine Style Guide

Feb 13, 2021

Styling Your Session – Masculine

For my masculine dressers out there, this blog post is for you! You may or may not care about the tiny details and props involved in a shoot, but I KNOW you want to know what to wear to make these photos everything you and your partner dream of!!

Tops & Bottoms

 In the same way that a dress is the most flattering silhouette for the feminine body, a blazer, sport coat or jacket has the same flattering effect for those who want a more masculine look. You can’t go wrong with a dress shirt, slacks, and a blazer.
Long sleeves are more flattering than short sleeves on men, so I recommend steering clear of t-shirts or polos, and instead opting for a long-sleeve button-down. The other benefit to long sleeves is we can roll the sleeves up for a slightly more casual look, which gives you two looks with one shirt.

For colors, I recommend neutrals and soft. When selecting your pieces, I recommend choosing a different “weight” for the pants and coat. So for example, navy pants (darker) and a heather gray blazer (lighter). Or gray pants (darker) with a soft powder blue shirt (lighter).

When selecting an outfit for photos, the most important part isn’t the price. It’s the fit. For men, it’s important to have a jacket that fits snugly (but not too tight), and pants that are the correct length and don’t have too many breaks. Just like high heels make women look taller than they are, bunched-up fabric stacked on top of a man’s shoes makes him look physically shorter than he really is.

Solid colors will help keep the attention where it belongs, whereas pinstripes or plaid patterns tend to distract the eye, so stay away from too strong of prints, avoid logos and opt for solids instead.


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