We had the privilege of spending a day with Ariel, a 13-year-old dancer whose passion for the art form knows no bounds. What unfolded was an inspiring journey through the world of dance and the profound impact it has on her life. Ariel’s passion for dance goes beyond the studio; it’s a part of her […]

Dance Until Your Heart Leaps with Joy: A Day with Ariel



Family The true meaning of the holidays is spending time with your family. Time goes by quickly, and families change over the years. Capture the love your family has for one another and re-live these moments while telling new stories. The Magic of Childhood Thanksgiving passes, and we start to decorate our homes for the […]


6 Joyful Ways to Teach the True Meaning of the Holidays!

Before beginning this journal entry, you will notice that these portraits are a bit moodier than the rest of my work. My amazing bride-to-be requested them a bit moodier to stay with the darkness of the evening and the mood of the weather. Having known one another since middle school, Sydney and Dante have had […]

Sydney and Dante