Newborns During the Pandemic

Jan 21, 2022

For all of you mamas that are unable to have a photographer at your birth or fresh 48 due to COVID or another maternal-fetal problem preventing the images you adore, here are some helpful hints for you to take great photos on your phone or with your own camera!
I did not give birth during COVID, however, I did have special circumstances around my pregnancy that made it impossible to have the photos of my dreams. Vasa Previa. Three days before my delivery, Christmas Eve, 2017, my younger brother surprised me, followed my directions, and took maternity photos of me on the hospital’s roof garden in the snow.
I had already been there for 2 months, and with a very high risk birth, and C-section planned for a 34-weeker on 12/27, it was impossible to have a birth photographer there, as well as a premature baby with no fresh 48 opportunities. I. WAS. HEARTBROKEN!
Especially because I was too sick after birth to even take them myself. HOWEVER, I was able to instruct others to capture the best images they could in the circumstances we had.
This got me thinking about our current times…
What to do when you can’t have a photographer there for your birth!
– Take them during the day when there is plenty of window light.
– TURN OFF the hospital lights! Use the window light only, if you can!
– Position your baby facing the light coming through the window.
– Don’t shoot towards the window. Shoot with the window to your side or to your back, but be careful not to block the light coming through!
– Don’t photograph aiming up the babies nose. Shoot down, from above or the side of the baby.
– Get close! That’s where the details are! Fresh skin and tiny fingers and toes are important!
– Download the Lightroom App on your phone and edit your photos there!
– Ask your nurse to swaddle the baby for you. NURSES ARE THE BEST SWADDLERS!
NONE of the photos in this blog post were professionally taken
– They are all thanks to my family members and an amazing nurse!
NONE of these photos were even taken on a professional camera!
– The maternity photo was taken on my brother’s point and shoot in auto mode.
– Both photos of the baby were taken on a CELL PHONE.
The TRUTH is…
Do we all wish we could have this amazing birth experience, with amazing photos? YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!
HOWEVER, when things cannot go our way, we can make lemonade out of those lemons, and still get some fresh memories of those very special moments.
Sometimes, we just need to wait for professional photos. It isn’t ideal, but with the tips above, you won’t miss out on those timeless images to show off your amazing birth story!
Ashlie Ruggiero Steinau
Birth Story – Melody Christy Steinau

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