The Holidays: Do You Have Extended Family Coming In?

Mar 14, 2022

We all love to get together with family over the holidays.  Between extended relatives coming to visit, children coming home from college, or just getting together with friends we haven’t seen all year, this is the perfect season to create memories with them.
Why not capture those moments too?

If you’re like most people, I am sure you have thought about family portrait photography but it just hasn’t happened.
Too busy, when I lose 10 more pounds, need to have my hair done, roots are showing, it’s hard to get everyone together… We’ve ALL said it. Many many times. Sadly enough, it just never happens.

Throughout the last 2 years, COVID-19 has taken so much of our family time away.  We don’t see people we care about as often as we would like.  Add in the excuses above, and many lost out on precious moments with people they cared about.  Portraits are our legacy, because when we are gone, those visual memories are sometimes all we have left.


I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t remember most of my younger years if I didn’t have photos to look back on.  All too often we forget about the exciting moments that have happened to us because we are so busy building our futures.   We blink our eyes, and time is gone.  As a mom, I know that our children grow up too fast! In the blink of an eye, they are packing their bags and going off to college!  I mean, I have 13-year-old twins now in HIGH SCHOOL, and my Youngest is starting Kindergarten next year!  I’m not sure where my little ones went.  I have tiny humans now!  Gone overnight are the days of the tiny lamb cries in the middle of the night to be fed, and all of the firsts of their lives have been done.   I have to admit, I am quite saddened.

When our babies are small, having a portrait of the family done each year is a great way to capture the memories of that moment, and the progress each of them is making as they grow.


We may not want to admit it but the make-up of the family can and will change without warning – if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that life is short, people move away, and we don’t see them as often.  Over the years, family has moved, passed away, our pets leave their legacy, and we don’t get to share these moments anymore.  My brother-in-law and his children live across the country, my inlaws moved down south shortly before my youngest daughter was born, my sister-in-law will be the next to move within the next few years.  My husband’s grandfather passed away in 2020, and so many moments we thought we would have, we didn’t anymore.  Want to know what they all have in common?  Valuing photographic memories.

The days when the family all stayed within a few miles of each other are long gone.  Take advantage of the time you have together while you have it by having family portraits taken by a professional photographer.   It’s a sweet reminder of life together, and they also make the most amazing gifts!  There is nothing like gifting a memory!  There’s no reason that you can come up with: no amount of pounds lost, hair dyed, clothes purchased, or whatnot, can be more important than the opportunity to capture life together now.

3. Re-living Memories

Pictures in general bring us back in time. Take this picture for example. This is a picture of my youngest daughter, Melody – our little Valentine that came for the Christmas Holidays instead.  Mellie was a surviving twin, a vasa-previa survivor, and also a rainbow baby, as I had lost our little Zurri before her.  This photo reminds me so much that she truly is a rainbow after the biggest storm in our lives.  Those tiny toes, that button nose, born just perfect, even though she came 2 months earlier than expected.

You never know when that last chance for a family photo will come.



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