6 Joyful Ways to Teach the True Meaning of the Holidays!

Oct 24, 2022


The true meaning of the holidays is spending time with your family. Time goes by quickly, and families change over the years. Capture the love your family has for one another and re-live these moments while telling new stories.

The Magic of Childhood

Thanksgiving passes, and we start to decorate our homes for the holiday season. The elves start to make their mischief, and children begin writing their letters to Santa. What better way to remember the magic of childhood than to capture their innocence and freeze it in time? Sit with Santa, tell him your dreams, and decorate for the holidays with the smiles of your children!

Making Holiday Memories

What are your family traditions? Do you love baking cookies with Grandma? Telling stories? Decorating the tree? Do you do something unique? Albums are a fantastic way to capture all of your favorite family traditions and watch as your family grows through them!

Decorate Together

There is nothing more special than that yearly ornament we all treasure. From our baby’s first Christmas, to milestones, and beyond, we all cherish something each year that we want to be represented. Personalized ornaments are the most amazing pieces to treasure. Capture the milestones in personalized custom ornaments to display on your tree!

Giving is Better Than Receiving

We teach our children that it is always better to be generous, and that giving to others provides us with a long-lasting happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. It is better to give than receive. Give the gift of capturing moments of childhood this holiday season with a Gift Certificate.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

“The best way to spread Holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” – Elf

You may not sing in the literal sense, but sing loudly with Holiday Cards! Custom designs that will showcase your family in a beautiful and unique way to all of your family and friends. Spread the holiday cheer with smiles, laughter, and love!

Ashlie Steinau, a devoted mother of three and an accomplished photographer based in Wallingford, channels her passion into crafting photographic wall art that graces her clients’ homes. She is dedicated to preserving the cherished memories of childhood, firmly advocating that every child deserves to have sizable portraits adorning their family’s living spaces. Wall portraits not only enhance self-esteem across all age groups but also serve as a heartwarming celebration of family unity. To arrange a complimentary consultation for the creation of bespoke family artwork, reach out at (203) 804-1322 or via email at

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