The Pitfalls of Opting for a Cheap Photographer

Oct 18, 2023

In a world where smartphones have turned us all into amateur photographers, it’s easy to underestimate the skill and artistry of a professional. While searching for a budget-friendly option may seem like a smart financial choice, there are several significant disadvantages to consider.

Lack of Customization and Personalization

The lack of customization and personalization in your portrait experience is one of the first that comes to mind when choosing a cheap photographer.

Here, at Ashlie Steinau Photography, we take the time to get to know you as our clients, understand your unique personalities, preferences, and capture your individual stories through beautiful artwork. We’ll work with you to create a concept that reflects your style and vision, ensuring that every detail, from the location, to hair, makeup, and wardrobe, aligns with your personality.

Cheap photographers, on the other hand, often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. They might not be interested in understanding you, instead opting for generic, stale setups. This can result in photos that lack the emotional depth, uniqueness, and personal touch that we provide.

Lack of Products and the Importance of Wall Art and Albums

A key disadvantage of opting for a budget photographer is the limited selection of products available. At Ashlie Steinau Photography, we specialize in heirloom albums and wall art of your family for your homes. We offer a wide range of high-quality products such as canvas, metal, and acrylic prints, framed wall art, and beautifully crafted portrait albums as well as custom written storybooks. These products can transform your images into stunning, tangible memories, cherishable for a lifetime.

Cheap photographers may not include these options in their packages, leaving you with digital images that will never be printed or displayed. The beauty of having wall art and albums lies in their ability to enhance the visual impact of your photographs, preserving them in a tangible form that you can proudly showcase in your home, as opposed to being lost on a cloud, concealed on a forgotten jump drive at the bottom of a cluttered drawer, or buried in a social media album, never to be revisited.

Sure, you can print on your own, but doing so often results in poor quality outcomes. DIY printing will lead to photos with undesirable color shifts – such as blue, green, or yellow-orange tints – and images that fade over time due to subpar printing materials. Moreover, prints from consumer-grade printers rarely match the vividness, clarity, and longevity of professional-grade products. Furthermore, a significant challenge clients face when handling their own printing is the lack of knowledge in proper framing and sizing techniques for wall art. This can lead to framed photographs that don’t complement the room’s aesthetics or improperly sized images that disrupt the visual balance of your space.

Here, at Ashlie Steinau Photography, we possess the expertise to guide you in choosing the right sizes and styles for your wall art, ensuring that they seamlessly integrate into your home decor and create a striking visual impact. We have the know-how to virtually position your portraits on your walls, enabling you to envision their appearance before making your purchase. Investing in our high-quality, professionally printed products not only ensures the longevity and visual impact of your images but also takes the guesswork out of framing and displaying your cherished portraits. With our guidance, you can confidently showcase your memories as stunning pieces of art, enhancing the ambiance of your living spaces.

Lack of Experience in Key Elements

We have spent years perfecting skills and expertise in photography. Highly trained and skilled in lighting, posing, shooting, and editing techniques, our experience enables us to deliver exceptional results and capture the best version of you and your family.

In contrast, cheap photographers may lack the necessary experience and knowledge to master these vital elements. Subpar lighting and awkward poses can lead to unflattering images, while inadequate editing can result in bland or over-processed photos. A budget photographer’s limited skills can compromise the overall quality of your images and the success of your portrait session.

How Can I Help You?

While opting for a cheap photographer may seem like a budget-friendly choice, it comes with significant drawbacks. When it comes to capturing the moments that matter most, it’s worth considering the value that a professional photographer, like us, can bring to your portrait experience.

Want to find out more on how Ashlie Steinau Photography can bring your vision to life? Reserve your complementary consultation with me today by calling 203.804.1322 or visiting our website at

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