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3 Reasons to Book a Santa Experience Early

Oct 20, 2023

I know what you’re thinking… Ash… it’s OCTOBER… let me get through Halloween first. But… hear me out… By the time you are ready in your holiday spirit, it’ll be too late because Santa has to get ready for Christmas! Check out these 3 reasons why you should book your Santa Experience early.

  1. Beat the Holiday Rush, and Santa’s Busy Schedule: October might seem a bit early for the holiday season, but booking your Santa Experience now ensures you’ll secure your spot before the holiday rush hits. Santa has a hectic schedule in the lead-up to Christmas: preparing presents, checking his list, and tending to the reindeer… but by booking in October, you’re more likely to secure a time that works for you and fits into Santa’s schedule. This way, you’ll have a relaxed and magical experience with the man in the red suit. By the time December rolls around, everyone will be scrambling for even just a moment with Santa, unable to find one, or waiting in line for an hour or more at the mall, for just a few minutes of impersonal interaction on Santa’s lap. Meanwhile, you’ll be savoring the beautiful memories your children have made with the peace of mind that comes with early planning.
  2. Personalized Magic: In addition to having peace of mind, reserving your Santa Adventure early allows you the luxury of time to discuss your preferences and the ability to customize your experience. Whether you want a cozy fireside chat, a whimsical North Pole setting, a snowy outdoor adventure, or a mix of it all, you’ll have the opportunity to create the perfect holiday memory. Not to mention, early means more time with the big guy himself, and an extended experience allows for a more personalized interaction with Santa. It can include activities and conversations tailored to the specific interests, wishes, and background of your child. This makes the encounter more organic, meaningful, and memorable… which is the WHOLE POINT, right?
Santa Experience - eating her first cookie with her custom adventure at the north pole: October 2022
First Cookie with Santa

3. Holiday Artwork Takes Time: Capturing the perfect holiday-themed portraits and turning them into breathtaking artwork isn’t something that happens overnight. Our elves at Ashlie Steinau Photography are busy working their magic editing, ordering, and delivering beautiful holiday artwork, but they all require time. Reserving your Santa Experience in October ensures that you have ample time for these essential steps, resulting in stunning, personalized holiday decorations that will leave your family and friends in awe just in time for the beginning of the Christmas season. After all, what good is an experience you can’t reminisce over for weeks?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to capture the enchantment of the season. Book your Santa Experience early, and make your holiday memories extra special. 🎅📸 #SantaExperience #HolidayMagic #EarlyBooking

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