Beth and Bryan

Jul 27, 2021

Let me start this blog by saying how AMAZING Beth and Brian are! Such a beautiful couple, with so much love for one another and energy to match! Together for 6 years, the pair is always seeking out a new fun adventure.
Probably why we connected so well!

Avid hikers/backpackers, Beth and Brian fell in love with the White Mountains in New Hampshire; so it is no surprise when they mentioned the location of their wedding!
To keep this adventure going, and to TRULY capture the moments of their story, we absolutely had to go on a hike up Sleeping Giant (Hamden, CT)!

From the vibrantly colored mountain-top cliff views to peeking in on them walking back down the trails, and all of the beautiful and sweet moments in between, there was never a moment I didn’t see the passion Beth and Brian have for one another! Truly in love!
Well… except for when I slipped on the rocks and slid down the trail… not sure what hurt more in that moment, my butt, or my pride lol. BUT, we had some laughs, and… I GOT THE SHOT – that is all that matters!
Can you hear their laughter through these photos? I CAN!

In Beth’s words, “When not traversing the trails, you can find us exploring any of the great local breweries in the state”. Craft beer enthusiasts that “dabble in home brewing,” there was no way we could leave out something so important to their story as a couple!!!

So, off to Two Roads Brewery (Stratford, CT), we went!

Upon our arrival, we had the opportunity to shoot within a behind-the-scenes area that most don’t get to enjoy seeing. The beautiful honey-colored wood arched above their heads, along with the natural light from the windows made for a golden effect of pure romance.
Making our way outside to the patio, we captured beautiful photos that truly reflect the passion these two have for one another.

If you think the scenic views outside of Two Roads is beautiful, just wait until you see where we went next! That’s right! Where they brew the beer! How beautiful is this moment, leaning up against these barrels?

An engagement session wouldn’t be complete without the ring having its own special moment to shine!  What better way to photograph the ring for these beer enthusiasts than on the tap!?

As a laid-back, fun-loving couple, that enjoys trying new things and new experiences together,  Beth and Brian’s motto is: “The best thing about memories is making them.”

From: baby, why don’t we just dance…

to snuggling close… 

to drinking their favorite beverage together…

… today, was all about the genuine lifestyle Beth and Brian share with one another.
I know that they will have many years of happiness together.

Beth and Brian asked me to take their Engagement photos, however, they left with so much more than that. They left with the experience of creating memories and capturing them in their finest essence, the opportunity to reminisce in their love, and truly enjoying every second together.

I capture timeless moments, allowing others to relive this chapter of their favorite love story written in something other than a pen.  Today, I captured theirs.

Beth and Brian, it was such a treat to photograph your engagement session at Sleeping Giant and Two Roads Brewery! I hope you enjoy seeing your love in the places that remind you what soulmates you are, as much as I adored capturing the moments for you. You two are so beautiful together!

“Cheers & Happy Trails!”

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