Michelle and Octavio

Aug 27, 2021

Michelle and Octavio met at a wedding several years ago and didn’t think anything of it since “we’re total opposites,” according to Michelle.

Well, opposites definitely attract…. because these two balance each other out in the most beautiful way! Every time Michelle looked at Octavio, she couldn’t help but burst out with the giggles. It was like he put a spell over her!
From the moment Michelle sat in my chair, ready to get her hair and makeup done, it was so evident how much these two loved one another. Every piece of the conversation just drew her attention towards Octavio. Her eyes just sparkle when she talks about him!

Michelle says that they enjoy traveling, the beach, exploring, and trying new things.
“We are 100% adrenaline junkies and you’ll most likely find us on his motorcycle or planning our next crazy adventure.”!

So… What better way to kick off their engagement session than with an
adventure, out on the beach, by Anthony’s Ocean View; with the soft sand, gentle ocean breezes, and the glow of a beach sunset to really feel like they are traveling to a new destination! Oh, and of COURSE incorporating their motorcycle!
Michelle was all about standing up on the back of that bike, and really showing off an adrenaline rush!
I COULDN’T BELIEVE she could balance up there like that in her high shoes!  She amazes me!

So much adventure happened in this shoot that you wouldn’t expect from an engagement session.
It all started as I captured the two of them in the golden-hour sunset. The warm, summer sun just made Michelle and Octavio beam even more than they already were; the glow on their skin just made it feel like paradise as they stood with their feet in the water as the soft waves washed up onto the shore beneath them.
Capturing the sun flare between them was so exciting. I showed it to Michelle on the spot and she was IN LOVE. Just look at the bold color. It is like their love is beaming from the skies around them!

As the sun continued to set, you could see the beautiful pinks, oranges, and purples displayed in the sky, reflecting across the beautiful ripples of the waters in the Sound.  Lights from the city began to glow; the atmosphere really giving a beautiful backlight to the sailboats that were ported across the horizon. 

Peaceful and enchanting is wonderful, but the evening wouldn’t have TRULY captured them if we didn’t go ahead and dive into the water! YUP! They went
swimming, clothes and all!!! … WHAT? Not EVERY engagement portrait has to be about glamour! Marriage is about having fun and truly enjoying the company of the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. I think these two have
got that down!!!

And when it is all said and done, you walk away, holding the hand of the one you love dearly, sopping wet, your shoes in your hand, and know you truly didn’t just have your Engagement Portraits done, but you had an experience of a lifetime. Just another adventure to check off your bucket list!

Congratulations Michelle and Octavio. May your love continue to shine bright, and the romance of adventure fill your hearts for many years to come!!

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