Sydney and Dante

Sep 9, 2021

Before beginning this journal entry, you will notice that these portraits are a bit moodier than the rest of my work.
My amazing bride-to-be requested them a bit moodier to stay with the darkness of the evening and the mood of the weather.

Having known one another since middle school, Sydney and Dante have had quite a few years to get comfortable in whatever situation comes their way.  In Sydney’s own words, their “story is anything but ordinary. It’s messy and stereotypically deep. It’s magical, it sneaks up on you, and it leaves you on the edge of your seat. It’s our greatest creation”.  Well, their Engagement Experience was just like their relationship, definitely magical and out of the ordinary… it POURED!!  Regardless, they did NOT let that ruin their experience, but allowed the weather to enhance it!  They were all out for an adventure in the rain, so that is what we did!   

From the moment they said “We are up for anything, let’s do this,” it was so evident how much these two loved a unique adventure just as much as one another.  Sydney and Dante love the woods and nature, so we went for a walk along the Quinnipiac Linear Trails in Wallingford, CT, with hopes they could stand in the river that ran alongside it.  They had zero desire for an umbrella, and were willing to get as soaking wet as it would take to get the perfect portraits!

It was such a romantic atmosphere: watching as they interacted with one another; the rain hitting their faces, and dripping down their cheeks; Sydney, barefoot, on the pathway that wound through the trees.  Such natural beauty! 

The way he held her close, was exactly how you want to see two people in love care for one another; so full of passion.

I always think I have seen it all, and that nothing can surprise me more, however, I determined that was a LIE as a tree literally cracked and fell in front of them! It was a wow moment, but very humorous.  Like everything else… we ROLLED WITH IT!

As it began to get dark, we decided it was time to leave and move to another area of the trail, driving down to the other end by the Quinnipiac River area, with hopes to stand in the water. We even met a new little friend along the way… Look how gorgeous this beautiful creature is.  So vibrant, the raindrops glistening off its scales!

After our friendly meetup with the snake, we decided to stay out of the murky river and take some portraits along the muddy banks instead, finishing the night off by capturing a few fireflies glowing around their heads.



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