Holiday Cards: What You Are Missing By Not Doing Them

Nov 29, 2021

I’m right smack dab in the middle of the holiday season and cranking out the COOLEST cards.

It got me thinking, what are you waiting for if you haven’t done yours yet?

I completely understand where you are coming from and how you feel.  Many feel this way, your feelings are totally valid.  However, let me ask you something… Have you ever eaten out at a restaurant?  Why, when you can cook it yourself at home cheaper?
What others have found is that they are spending the same amount (or more) by trying to do their cards on their own. Those cute little Hallmark boxes with intricate folds and glitter, stickers, and such can get pricey fast.  Just think of all you have to purchase to get crafty.  Not to mention the extra time you are spending doing them!  Then, try to take your own family photo… you know, the perfect photo where you are actually in it; printing them; putting them in all the cards.  Do you really want to take all that time and money for some prints that aren’t even good quality?  Will you really actually even get to creating them at all with the holidays upon you?  Save yourself the aggravation, and money, and just have a professional do them.  You won’t regret it.

Yeahhhhh me too lol.  I mean, let’s be real here.  Wife, mom of 3 kids and 5 fur babies, a teacher, and I run my own business? A LOT gets shifted to the side and procrastinated upon because everything else comes up.  This time of year is so insanely busy, which is why NOW I start to take my own holiday cards in the fall, so I have weeks to send them out when I find myself procrastinating.

It is NEVER too late for Holiday Cards.  When my youngest was born, I was in the hospital from the first week of November into January.  My twins, 9 at the time, went to live with my parents so that they could have some stability and get back and forth to school on time.  Santa did not even come until we came home from the hospital, so I definitely did not even take our Christmas photos until all three of my children were safe and happy at home.  I sent them out in January.  It was a nice little post-holiday gift, and one that was very much adored by so much of our family who does not get to physically be here to watch the kids grow up.

I’m sorry, I just hallucinated… what?  Holiday cards are such an awesome way to get back in touch with people!  I mean, we’ve basically spent the last 2 years of COVID cooped up away from family and friends.  People need to see your babies grow OFF social media!  I mean, my kids’ great-grandparents and great aunts and uncles don’t even have Facebook.  If it weren’t for Holiday cards, they wouldn’t know what they looked like, because we haven’t seen most of our family in about that time.  The greatest part about holiday cards is that each one is like a special little gift, and you can’t get anything like this from a local one-hour printer – my 5×7’s are of such great quality, you can frame them!
Don’t have a ton of family?  That is OK!  The few family members you have would adore seeing your amazing smiles, and there are so many more people who would enjoy them too outside of your family – people that feel appreciated because of them… coaches, teachers, neighbors, work colleagues.  I think everyone can think of 25 people to send a card to.
BUSINESS OWNERS – if you aren’t doing Holiday cards, you should seriously reconsider.  You will be shocked at how sending a holiday card can strengthen business and even client relationships.
Holiday cards are a great way to get your clients emotionally attached to you and your company.  They are a non-intrusive way to reach out and maximize top-of-mind awareness.

So what?  That doesn’t mean you can’t have year-end roundup cards, with a photo and a little note about what your family has done in the past year.  It is just a beautiful gesture to show you are thinking of them, and it makes people feel appreciated to know the sender is thinking about them and wishing them the very best.

I am all out for a strong, independent human in this society.  Just because you have ventured out on your own, doesn’t mean you can’t still take some amazing photos of yourself!  Great for business or just for fun to show the people you care about where you are in your life.  I’ve got so many creative, fun, and amazing ideas in mind.  Let’s chat about them!!

The point of this blog is don’t put Holiday cards on the back burner.  They are more than a junky, meaningless card in the mail.  They are a visual memory of this time in your life, your business, and more… The best opportunity to show others how much you care.

Get on the Holiday Card Wagon and let’s chat about how to create some beautiful custom one-of-a-kind cards for you and your family or business!  CLICK HERE to BOOK!  or email


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