Grace in Motion: Exploring Corrina the Ballerina

Oct 18, 2023

Corrina is a 16-year-old from Wallingford, and a Sophomore at Sheehan High School. A vision of grace and beauty, her long legs and effortless poise make her the perfect vision of a ballerina.

Corrina’s journey with me began on a day filled with Nutcracker rehearsals, which only added to the magic of her portrait experience. Corrina’s dedication to her craft shines through in every move she makes, and I had the privilege of capturing her exquisite dance in a series of portraits that make your mouth drop.

Dressed in a burgundy leotard, Corrina exuded elegance as she danced en pointe. Her movements were a testament to her skill and passion, and I aimed to capture every pose, from the classical to her signature moves. The studio became a stage for her artistry, and every click of the camera immortalized her dance in photographs.

After Corrina’s studio experience, we ventured out to the heart of Wallingford to chase the enchanting golden-hour light. With a sense of freedom and spontaneity, Corrina released her hair from its ballet bun, allowing her light brown waves to cascade gracefully down her back. This simple act of letting her hair down beautifully complemented her fall-themed ensemble, consisting of a trendy crop top, a light-brown jacket, and a pair of jeans.

Our chosen backdrop was a charming yellow building adorned with a bright blue door, a scene that perfectly contrasted the rich, autumnal colors of Corrina’s outfit. Against this captivating backdrop, we captured a series of portraits that portrayed Corrina in a new light. The vibrant colors of the building accentuated the season’s ambiance, making her presence pop against the quaint surroundings.

As we ventured closer to the nearby train tracks, Corrina’s
lively and vivacious personality shone through.

With every step and every pose, she exuded a sense of playfulness, laughter, and boundless excitement. It was a moment of pure joy and spontaneity, as we seized the opportunity to capture her in candid, playful poses. Our impromptu session by the tracks was a perfect blend of artistic expression and genuine enjoyment.

With grace and urgency, she laced up her pointe shoes by the sidewalk just as a train approached. With a burst of determination, she danced en pointe as the train passed, her hair flowing behind her in the breeze, the sunset above the train station, and the flag fluttering in the air.

As the streets emptied of cars, we dashed into the road, capturing dynamic urban shots of Corrina dancing en pointe, under the setting sun’s warm hues. The fading light marked our return to the studio.

Back in her ballet attire, Corrina performed an awe-inspiring dance in the studio’s parking lot. Her back arched perfectly, silhouetted by the setting sun’s golden rays. It was an exquisite moment that we both cherished, a true testament to her dedication and talent.

For a final transformation, Corrina embraced the Halloween spirit. A purple glitter moon adorned her right eye, and she embodied Sarah Sanderson, complete with a black leotard and a red hooded cape. Dancing outside the studio and then inside amidst the swirling fog, her presence was bewitching, and it was a captivating way to conclude our remarkable session.

My time with Corrina was nothing short of amazing and breathtaking. I look forward to creating beautiful artwork from our session that she can proudly display in her home, a reminder of the incredible moments we shared. Her graceful dance moves may just find a permanent place on my studio walls, serving as a testament to her talent and our shared artistic journey together.

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