Erase Your Worries

Jan 23, 2024

Almost all of my clients tell me they’re worried about not liking themselves in portraits. “I don’t like my double chin in photos of me”, “I don’t like my arms”, “I don’t know what to wear”, “I just don’t know what to do”, or something of the sort?
Can you relate? Sound familiar?
Well, if you work with me, you can cast that worry aside! Let’s erase your worries!

Let’s erase: “I don’t like…”

I have invested a lot of my time over the years learning proper posing to flatter every person with every body type. We will pose you to the most flattering positions and you will never see attention drawn to the thing about your body that makes you self-conscious. This is a positive atmosphere!

Unveiling Confidence: “BUT WHAT WOULD I WEAR?”

  • In addition to proper posing, a lot of what most don’t like about themselves is caused by the way they dress. As a client, each receives a style guide from me helping them see what colors, patterns, and styles best suit them.
  • In addition to a guide, we take it a step further. Every experience begins with a consultation; and during that time, we go over wardrobe and styling to bring out your best features! Whether you’d like to go through your closet, or go shopping, we are here to help bring out the best in you and your families!

Portrait Insecurities: “But my hair…”

Let me stop you right there… Come to me without a care in the world – my professional hair and makeup artists will take good care of you and make you look like the goddess you are! You don’t need to know how to do anything but to be yourself.

So, now that I’ve crushed your worry about not liking yourself in portraits, is it time to start planning your experience?



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